To provide a safe and healthy environment for living and learning while empowering the individuals we support to achieve the outcomes they need and desire -Mission Statement

QC, Inc is a privately owned agency, founded in 1991, which provides a variety of residential and periodic treatment services in community settings. These services are delivered through a contractual relationship with Area Mental Health/Developmental Disability/Substance Abuse Services programs(LME's). The company specializes in serving individuals diagnosed with either developmental disabilities or adults with MR/MI, and is a provider of CAP/MRDD services. QC is owned and operated by Mickey Thigpen, who has been serving the needs of individuals with disabilities since 1972. He has served in executive or senior administrative capacities in the public, private not-for-profit, and private for-profit sectors. QC began providing services in the traingle area in March of 2008 under the direction of Dennis Riggs MA Ed., who has been serving individuals with various disabilities across NC, since January of 1973.

A CARF Three-Year Accreditation was awarded to QC Incorporated for the following programs/services: Community Housing, Community Integration, Host Family Services.

QC is a small company, and, as such, enjoys the benefits that derive from having everyone in a relationship with each other. While the regions are some distance apart, the President and Program Managers work closely together to insure a sense of inclusion for all service recipients, as well as their parents and guardians. Similarly, QC has been blessed with a loyal and dedicated employee base, leading to an extremely low rate of turnover. As a result, many of the individuals we support are still served by the same employees who served them the day that QC began providing services.